We provide custom engineering services to suit our customer’s needs in designing, developing, manufacturing, machinery work and systems. End to end engineering services taking care of customers engineering needs.


Process Flow

  1. Inquiry
  2. Design and development
  3. Fabrication
  4. Installation
  5. After Sales Maintenance and Services


Process Description

Gathering information, thoughts, demands and requirement from customer for their product and define the scope of the project in terms of budget and time.

To explore the most suitable material and equipment for the project. Ensure the purpose of the product design and development achieve and fulfill the requirement of customers. Proposal documents which includes specifications of products and technical draft drawing will be provided with the aid of CAD software.

Approved product from the design phase will be fabricated in accordance to the designed specifications and project schedule.

Assembly, testing and commissioning will be performed to make sure the requirement is met with high quality assurance.

Provide the necessary support to the customer after project completion to make sure the product works in optimal condition as well. We also support to fix any defect and problems that customer escalates after project delivery.


List of Projects

Custom Mechanical Machines

  • Batching Plant
  • Twin Shaft Mixer
  • Planetary Mixer
  • Vertical Cast Pipe Machine
  • Spun Pipe Plant System
  • Spun Pipe Machine
  • Feeder Machine
  • Storage Hopper
  • Travelling Hopper
  • Automation Wire Cage Machine
  • Sleeper Plant
  • Automatic Rubber Hose Machine
  • Scrape Vibrating Machine


Custom Engineering Fabrications

  • Spun Pipe Mould
  • Segment Mould
  • Special Crossing Segment Mould
  • U-Beam Mould
  • Vertical Cast Pipe Mould
  • Box Culvert
  • Square Pile Mould
  • Single Tee Beam Mould
  • Double Tee Beam Mould
  • Beam Mould
  • New Jersey Barrier Steel Mould
  • RC Parapet Wall
  • Spun Pole Mould
  • Pre-Stress Plank Bed Mould
  • Bridge Column Mould
  • Lift Room (IBS Mould)
  • Bay Window
  • Planter Box
  • Staircase Mould
  • Household Shelter Mould
  • Water Tank Mould

Others Engineering Fabrications

  • Big Bin Truck
  • Dump Truck
  • Scrap Bucket
  • Building Project/Factory Steel Structure Fabrication
  • Segment Lifting Beam